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13 Pictures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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1 – Jewel corn

This is not a Photoshop masterpiece or a set of shiny pearls carefully attached to an empty cob. However hard you might find the concept, this is a real type of corn, obtain by hybridization of several corn varieties. It is called Glass Gem corn, and the name makes justice to the appearance.

The story behind this special corn is fascinating and reached light only due to the efforts of one man, an Oklahoma farmer named Carl Barnes. Corn colored differently than the one we are used to have existed on American soil for quite some time. Rendering lower rates of productivity, it was gradually replaced.

A lot of effort was put in finding seeds of each type. Once that was achieved, it was just a matter of putting to work the well-known secrets of agriculture. It is cool to know that seeds to grow your own rainbow colored corn also exist for sale, and the plant has no special requirements.

2 – Incredibly Cool Grid Waves

Without the proper knowledge, you will most likely swear that this either the remains of Atlantis, or a trick achieved in Photoshop. In fact it is a natural phenomenon called cross sea, and it has a lot of chances to top your list of seen cool things.

We won’t go in too much technicalities, but this can be defined as two wave systems traveling at oblique angles. Sounds hard? Try imagining that you through a stone into a lake, and immediately after, another stone, somewhere nearby. The waves generated will eventually intersect under a certain angle.

The physics is similar, but a higher level, with winds playing the role of stones. The pattern is very dangerous for navigation as it creates unique combinations of actions on any sheep venturing in such waters. The photo was taken of French western coasts, near Ile de Re. The waters belong to the Atlantic Ocean.

3 – Namib Desert

While this could look like a landscape from another planet, it is a picture from the dry riverbed of Sossusvlei River. Geologists still don’t know why the dunes are created in this way, despite researching the area for decades.

In fact, they have a few theories which are only missing some links to be fully approved in the scientific community. The shot was taken on 7th January 2012 by Korea’s Kompsat-2 satellite and reveal the striking orientation of the dunes, perpendicular to the river bed. Also visible in the shot is a road and a very popular tourist stop destination – dune 45.

The white areas in the image are salt deposits cumulated over the course of million years. It’s cool to know that the Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and a place of many other wonders for the eyes and mind.

4 – Half ‘n Half Cat

This cute cat is completely two-toned in her face. Venus, the “Chimera” cat, is an Internet sensation, and that is all due her striking physical appearance. Basically, her face is split in two, and each of the part is colored differently. To add to all that, one of her eyes is blue, while the other green.

Although many claim this is impossible and that wither Photoshop either paint and color lenses were involved, the professional opinion confirms the phenomenon. Very rare, an accumulation of strange genes variation can lead to these strange results. There is a pretty good explanation why such genes are rare.

For a cat, which was no long ago a predator, such striking features make it easy for pray to defend itself. The stealth ability of the average cat is significantly reduced by fur colored in this way. With over 200,000 likes on Facebook and 165,000 followers on Instagram, Venus is true celebrity in the feline world.

5- Flamingos in the Shape Of A Flamingo

Nature never seizes to amaze us, and unless National Geographic is trolling us, then this picture is truly spectacular! Of course, you need some imagination to see it and call it a flamingo. I know a bunch of people able to see completely different.

The spectacular patterns of nature can act as a Rorschach test once compared to the patterns already existing in our minds. The moment was captured by Bobby Haas, a professional photographer, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The formation was spotted at the end of a 30 minutes photo session, and it lasted for only a couple of seconds, allowing only one shot to be taken.

This is definitely the equivalent of the holy grail in nature photography. The story can go on to describe how Bobby felt while taking the shot, but we will leave that for you to imagine.

6 – Curvy Roads

No this is not how Apple created their map, this is an actual picture of a road in Japan after an earthquake. Apparently the lanes were created one at a time, and the earth was compacted in a different way, which created the rift between the lanes.

The culprit was the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, one of the most violent seismic events from our recent history. It is quite common for powerful earthquakes to create land ruptures like the one captured in this shot. The crew on the road is probably on its way to measure the overall relative displacement, while coming up with a solution of rehabilitation.

Most probably, a lot of earthwork was required to bring the road back to functionality. We don’t doubt the Japanese were able to fully restore their infrastructure and even exploit the occasion to make it better.

7 – Shark-ception

While a group of scientists were trying to catch fish they had previously tagged, a dogfish was intrigued by the bait. That caught the interest of a fully grown tiger shark which according to the scientists swallowed the dogfish in one huge bite.

It was clearly unlucky for the dogfish, but nonetheless an amazing and almost unbelievable picture for us. This is a fine example that in nature the big ones eat the little ones, in a process which goes on forever. A unique shot and we have to give credit to the photographer inspired enough to be there and trigger the camera at exactly the right time.

This definitely triggers jealousy across the film-making industry, and we should expect a similar scene in their future releases. Although some of us will say that a third bigger fish, maybe a killer whale, will make such a shot even better, we are happy to settle with this.

8 – Feet in wood

This monk prayed the same place several times a day for 20 years, leaving this amazing stamp in the wood. Although some of us will have a hard time believing that this is possible, there is no doubt that natural wood can be shaped this way by a constant exposure to weight in the same position.

I think this is one of the best examples of the faith some people are able to nurture towards divinity. A lot of patience was needed to carry on with the ritual for such a long time and we are convinced the monk feels at ease when he puts his feet in the wood impressions before each prayer.

The wood will certainly become a place of worship and veneration for generations of believers. This is definitely something our Western culture is no longer capable of producing. Believe it or not, this is actually real and I bet this not the only case like this.

9 – A Fish With Scary Humanlike Teeth

You would wish this fish is not for real. But it is! This is a sheepshead fish and yes it does have real human like teeth. It is edible, but we plan to stay far away from this one! Leaving besides the trauma of seeing this in action in real life, there are many good reasons for the species to develop such a dentition.

The diet of the sheepshead fish includes a variety of vertebrates, invertebrates and some plant material, making it an omnivorous. Including both incisors and molars, this is basically the precursor of our very own teeth design. Sooner or later, this fish will need to pay a visit to the dentist.

With so many teeth, it is impossible to go away for too long without one or multiple problems. We hope Hollywood will never make a horror movie based on this fish as that would scare the life out of us.

10 – A Man With A Hole In His Head

Although the strange photo might make some of you claim that Photoshop was involved in removing the eye and in putting the finger in that strange position, we can only say that is real. In fact, we even have a name, Billy Owen, for the man with this odd looking face.

A tumor forced the doctors to remove a part of his face, leaving a cavity where his right eye once was. When Billy removes his dental plate, he is able to pull out his index finger through the mouth and out the remaining cavity. This is definitely not a scene for the ones with a weak heart or with low tolerance towards disgusting things.

Billy is now entertaining people all around the world with his unique ability. Billy has embraced the circus and freakshow lifestyle and is at peace with being considered a weirdo. A medical condition was close to taking his life, and now he is a completely different person

11 Floating Sea Monster

Although you might be tempted to say so, no, this is not a picture from the Loch Ness. Even in the summer, those Scottish highlands don’t get so warm to allow people to wander shirtless and we all know that Nessie is camera shy. The explanation for this occurrence which clearly fascinated people is that the carcass of a whale was brought to shore.

The unusual shape and color is due to putrefaction, and beach administration will have a lot of dirty work for some weeks to come. Weighting a couple of good tons, the flesh was conserved by the sal in the sea water. Nevertheless, once exposed to the sun a couple of days, the smell will keep the beach free of people for at least a hundred yards radius.

The scene is far from the grace we usually associate with whales. Unfortunately, even the biggest creatures on this planet meet their death sooner than later.

12 – Pink river

This is Lake Retba in Senegal and is actually pink. Don’t be alarmed! This not caused by dying flamingos, as you might initially presume. The actual cause is the high concentration of salt in the water (Up to 40%) which created a high concentration of “dunaliella salina”, a salt eating bacteria, which turns pink.

The salt is harvested and sold locally. People can easily float on Lake Retba due to the high concentration of salt. If you want to visit this spectacular place, you should know that the color is more vivid during the dry season, between November and June. In the other half of the year, rain spoils the effect and you might be disappointed coming from far away to see this.

The lake is situated just a couple of meters away from the Atlantic Ocean, from which is separated by a narrow strip of dunes.

13 – Stairways to hell

While this might look like the entrance to hell it is actually an art decoration in a Swedish underground station. We are quite far from understanding what determined municipality to agree with such a design, but we all know that guys there in the north go a bit nuts with such little light in the winter.

We can appreciate the impact made by the red and black combination and its ability to convey a strong message. It is certainly refreshing going beyond that boring decoration metro stations all over the world are so keen in putting on display. We can agree that this photo looks great because the station is empty.

We would like to see the version where the station is overcrowded during rush hours. We personally think that seeing each day this scene while going to work and from work becomes a bit creepy.

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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