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Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

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There is something magical about a scene captured at just the right moment. Everything comes together perfectly and a powerful feeling is created. Sometimes photographers point their cameras at a subject and capture even more than they expected – these are the truly epic perfectly timed photos. Join us as we take a tour through some of the most captivating photos ever taken.


We’ve all been there: it’s a scorching hot day with no air conditioning to be found. Nothing like a little water to cool you down on a hot day. Drink the water? Nah, better to pour it on yourself.
She looks cooler now and don’t you feel refreshed as well? I know I do. Click the Next button below to view the other perfectly timed photos – #5 will blow you away!


Even more flexibility! That is some pose right there combining extreme dexterity with impressive strength. I’m sure the rest of the people at the pool were amazed by this.

I just hope the dismount went smoothly – that’s concrete under her! Please do not try this at home. Or at a pool.


A truly impressive feat of plastic surgery. While her back might be super flexible, her chest isn’t moving at all.  This is what people in Los Angeles do all the time, right?

And to class it up even more she’s doing it in ridiculously high heels. Nicely done.

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Another perfectly captured moment. The look of fury on this girl’s face is completely understandable – no one likes to be groped by a stranger in a big crowd of people.

But take a closer look at the photo – the guy she’s mad at behind her is not the perpetrator. The offending arm belongs to someone in the background. Oops. Wrong place, wrong time.


Sometimes when taking a photo what’s happening in the background is a lot more interesting than what’s immediately in front of the camera. While the photographer was taking a fairly silly portrait, something much more eye catching was happening behind the subject.

Did the photographer know he was capturing this moment or did he see it later? Either way, this is a classic perfectly timed photo.


Synchronized swimming requires endurance, strength and, apparently, a high threshold for pain. I’m not sure this position was done on purpose, but it doesn’t look like the woman on top was expecting a foot to be there.

It may look goofy at times, but synchronized swimming is one tough sport. I really hope she won a medal for this performance.


A beautiful girl in a dress walking down the street when a gust of wind comes by. At times like these even a priest can’t help but stare.

This is a wonderful example of a beautiful background (likely Italy) with a captivating subject. We don’t blame you father – we’re staring too.


Did she forget to wear pants? No, it’s just an innocent optical illusion. It’s two friends at a bar and the one in the foreground has her legs crossed.
What makes the photo even better is the expressions on both of their faces. The one in the background looks proud to be showing off her bits while the one in the foreground looks embarrassed for her friend.


Just another snowy day when a bikini-glad girl does a backflip off of a boat. I don’t know where this photo was taken or what exactly is going on here, but everyone seems to be having fun.

That is, except for the emo girl with the plaid jacket on the left. Not impressed in the least. She’s saying to herself, “I could totally do that!”


Yoga does give you superb flexibility, but this much? No, it’s an illusion created by the flattened focus which makes everything appear on the same plane.

The woman’s head actually belongs to the body in the back row. Just shows you what good framing and great timing can achieve in a photograph.


Didn’t you know that dogs can photobomb too? The one in the background looks like a crazy demon dog, but his timing couldn’t be better. Hats off to the dog!

On the other hand, the girl seems completely unaware of what’s going on behind her – texting is a powerful thing. Maybe put down your phone for a minute before that demon dog gets you!


If dogs can be expert photobombers why not old dudes? I don’t know if this guy has any relationship with the girls in the photo, but I’d like to think he was walking down the beach, came across this photo shoot, and decided to give these girls something to remember.

You have to wonder what happened right after this photo was taken.  Did the girls yell at him? Did he just slowly walk away, appreciating the epic job he had just accomplished?


A lovely romantic moment at the beach, staring off into the crashing waves. Just you and your loved one in a moment of solitude. What could possibly ruin this scene?

Oh yeah, a wayward dog deciding to mark his territory at this very spot. Yech. A truly unforgettable day. Or maybe it was forgettable.


From the looks of this photo, grabbing the wedding bouquet after it’s thrown has turned into a blood sport. The fierce looks on these ladies’ faces are priceless.

Just watch out for the little girl in the corner. She’s the only one with a smile on her face. Good luck kid.


That’s what we call hard-nosed defense. If you can’t stop the bigger guy from dunking on you, at least slow him down by sticking a finger up his nose. That’s gotta hurt.

But ask yourself: which player had it worse? The guy going up for the dunk who had his nose picked or the one who ended up with someone else’s boogers on his finger?


This looks like a scene out of a blockbuster movie, but it’s in fact real life.  This little truck is moving as fast as it can to get out of the way.

Not sure if those are storm clouds or a volcanic eruption, but it looks like it’s chasing that truck at a pretty fast clip. Thrilling!


Does this bride have a human torso with horse legs? No, it’s not some magical horse-woman, it’s just a voluminous wedding dress that creates a hilarious optical illusion.

That being said, I’m still wondering why the bride is on a horse and the groom is walking. Looks like the start of a long, happy, weird life together.


When losing weight, we all have to start somewhere. This gal is clearly working hard to get into shape, but I’m not sure her skinny friend is really helping the situation.

Is the friend yelling encouraging words? I’d like to hope so. Kudos to both of them for working out together.


There were no injuries when a bolt of lightning struck this Delta airplane, but it is a terrifying photo nonetheless. Even though we all know that air transportation is one of the safest ways of getting around, photos like this one give you a gut check.

The power of photography is that it can create an image that bypasses the head and goes straight to the heart. Just keep repeating to yourself: airplanes are safe, airplanes are safe…


Get out of the way! This epically timed photo captures the moment right before the bat collides with this poor man’s jaw. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention at a baseball game.
I don’t know why he didn’t at least put his hands up to protect himself. Even grandma in the row in front of him had the good sense to do that. Glad that little kid wasn’t anywhere near the flying bat.


Women’s soccer can brutal. You can get kicked, shoved, and even have your head twisted around in pursuit of the ball.  Or in this case, all three at the same time.

Don’t let anyone tell you that women’s soccer is not just tough as men’s soccer – this photo clearly proves otherwise. Time to start paying our women soccer players as much as the guys!


Future rock star! Nothing like a tiny baby really enjoying a warm bottle and letting mom know he appreciates it.

Sure, you could argue that the baby’s fingers are just random muscle movements, but that would make you boring. I say he’s the next Ozzy Osbourne. Rock on little bro!


Another epically timed picture. The photographer caught the exact moment that this poor firefighter got blown through the wall of a burning home, falling to the ground.

No information is available on whether the firefighter was injured, but the photographer certainly captured a memorable moment. It’s easy to think that firefighter’s jobs are glamorous, but then you see a photo like this and realize just how dangerous the job can be.


Trying to recreate the famous scene from the movie Titanic can have its pitfalls. You might slip on the deck, tumble overboard, or even have a seagull try to bite your nose off. Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

I’ll bet this seemed like a really good idea at the time. They were probably thinking about how many likes they were going to get on Facebook. And then a darn seagull had to go and ruin the whole thing.


That’s going to hurt. First you trespass on private property (look at the sign on the fence in the background) and then you climb on a swing to have some fun. But then the swing snaps – ouch! I guess that was made for little kids.

File this under “seemed like a good idea at the time,” just like the Titanic couple. Thanks, however, must go to the photographer who snapped the shutter at just the right moment.


Is this whale really high fiving the human diver? Probably not, but it’s another example of a perfectly timed photograph. A connection between man and beast is conjured in our heads even if it may not have happened that way in real life.

What must it have left like to be that diver so close to this enormous, gentle beast? I’m sure he will never forget this moment. And maybe the whale never will as well.


Fun with perspective. The photographer used a long camera lens to flatten the picture out and make it appear that the objects are very close to each other, even though the plane is actually not that close to the giraffes.

The effect makes it looks like the mother giraffe is taking a big bite out of the passing plane. Just goes to show you can’t always trust what your eyes see, especially when it comes to epically timed photos!

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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