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Usually, when it comes to identical twins, everyone expects everything about them to be identical as well. In the case of triplets, the fertilised egg breaks into three zygotes and bam, three identical babies. But wait, what if by some chance the DNA make up isn’t the same? This is exactly what happened one day when a DNA ancestry test revealed some shocking truth about identical triplets.

Dahm Look at All that Beauty
December, in the year 1977, the Dahm sisters, Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole Dahm were born. Even as young girls, the triplets got a lot of attention from the people surrounding them that soon they were known as the most beautiful triplets.

Triple Trouble?
While it’s common to see identical twins or triplets that don’t look too identical, this was not the case with the Dahm sisters. The triplets were so identical that the parents had trouble telling them apart, so they had to tattoo their bottoms to tell them apart. The tattoos went in order from the eldest triplet Nicole with one dot, Erica with two and Jaclyn the last triplet had none.

From the Small Town to the Big World
Growing up in a small town of Jordan, Minnesota, a town with less than 30,000 dwellers, the girls must have had a lot of attention on them. Soon the news of the Dahm triple charm reached modelling agencies, and within no time the girls were on their way to the limelight.

Good Things Come Three Ways
Growing up, the triplets did everything together. Many times the triplets would say in interviews that they had gotten used to being referred as “you three” instead of their names. They wore the same outfits, kept the same friends, and used the same products, so it came not as a surprise that they questioned their identity.

Into the Celebrity Life
With their fame and all, it was a matter of time before modelling agencies started seeking them. With their first debut in modelling coming with their appearance on the “Teen Magazine”, it was a matter of time before popular magazine company “Playboy” got to them. The girls were a gem for the modeling world.

Three Models or Three Nurses?
Although the triplets did exceptionally well in modeling especially when Playboy featured them, their original dream was to become nurses. However, one day while in Minnesota campus where they hoped to finish their nursing school and become nurses, a playboy ad looking for models for a special edition dubbed “big ten special edition” changed their whole life.

How far can you go?
Having met the cast for Playboy, the triplets had a tough decision to make. They had to decide if they were ready for that type of modelling, that is, if they were willing to pose nude. After a long time thinking and a mutual agreement made, the triplets featured at the centrefold of the magazine, making them the very first triplets to feature in the prestigious centerfold.

All or Nothing
Asked later what influenced their decision, the triplets stated that there was no way one of them was going to take up the modelling job alone. The modelling agency had to take all of them or none at all. So they took the job as a joint decision. And just like that their modelling career kicked off, but little did they know that this would eventually result in a life-changing DNA test.

Into the big Hollywood World’s Small Screen
With their debut feature on playboy, their fortunes changed for the better. Eventually, they had to drop out of school to pursue a life in the expansive entertainment industry. Soon the triplets made their debut on the small screen when they landed roles in “boy meets world”. The triplets together with their father appeared on “family feud” and won a huge amount of money.

Love Comes Knocking
With their debut into Hollywood, it meant the triplets got exposed to all kinds of people. The triplets landed a role in the famous show “renovate my family” by Fox. It’s at this juncture that the host of the show “Jay McGraw” who by chance also happened to be Dr Phil’s son, came knocking on the trailer door of the triplets. One encounter led to another, and soon Erica could not resist his charm, and she described him as “love at first sight”.

Kicking off the Path to the DNA Test
The life of the Dahm sisters, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place like an orchestrated drama series. Erica’s relationship with Jay would lead to the shocking DNA results. When the triplets had the opportunity to meet the famed Dr Phil, who was also one of the executive producers of another notable medicine talk show which featured various celebrities in discussing various health issues with a panel of doctors.

The Doctors
After Erica and Jay got married later in 2006, Mc Graw decides to feature the triplets on his show. As expected, the triplets were a huge hit talking about their unique features and were regular visitors to the show.

And the Family Grew
It’s okay for identical twins to do things together, but the Dahm sisters took it a notch higher when they had identical pregnancies. Their identical pregnancies caused ripples on air with everyone getting excited for not only the growing family but the production team of “the doctors” who knew what that meant for their show.

Just a Crazy Idea
The show producers decided to do a show on the reliability of at home DNA ancestry tests, and they wanted the Dahm sisters to take part in it. Since it was something new that had not been done on anyone else before leave alone on triplets, nobody could have prepared the audience for the outcome of the test.

Shocking DNA Ancestry Test
Recently, DNA and ancestry test at home have become popular in testing one’s ancestry, and so the show producers wanted to investigate how reliable the tests were. And how to better test than to use identical triplets?

Now to the Life-changing Test
So the triplets sent samples of their saliva and waited for lab results. Although anxious, they could not have anticipated the shocking results that came.

Nobody Saw This Coming
Not in the triplet’s wildest dreams did they imagine that they would ever feature on the most notable magazine in the world or take a DNA test on a reality show. What’s more, they never imagined that everything they had believed all their lives about themselves would get disapproved by science. So, just how similar were they?

The Mystery of Genetics
It did not come as a surprise that the triplets agreed to take part in this reality TV show and have their DNA broadcast. After all, they had a dream about being in the world of medicine someday.

The first test was to test whether they were identical, while the second was to test their ancestry.

The Shocking Results
The first test revealed that the triplets were identical, which came as no surprise to anyone. But that was not all.
The second part of the test showed that the triplets were 100% European, but a deeper breakdown of the results revealed some surprising ancestry results.

Erica was 16% British and Irish, Nicole was 18% Irish. Not even the doctors could explain how that even made sense.

Why the Discrepancy?
The difference in their percentage in ancestry surprised the world and the doctors on the show alike. It did not make sense how three identical sisters could have such a huge difference in ancestry.

To explain the discrepancy, the doctors suggested that the test showed that at home DNA tests were not so reliable as real evidence to explore your heritage since they stood a chance of coming out highly inaccurate. The test should only get used for entertainment purposes only.

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