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Funny Awkward Wedding Photos Ever

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Weddings are usually at least a little awkward because of the psychological pressure it puts on everyone involved. On your special day, you might find yourself wondering, “why did I invite all these people?”

Well, this article isn’t about your guest list. This is about wedding photos so awkward, an average episode of TLC’s The Virgin Diaries has nothing on it.

If you think your wedding photos were ruined, you’ll feel a lot better after seeing these. Everyone else should at least get a good laugh or two. Let’s do this!

The Uninvited Guest

In days gone by, you might be stuck with this kind of photo, because all photography was shot on film and thus all of the pictures taken would have been developed.

The World Turned Upside Down

We know that people feel a whole bunch of emotions when they get married, and it may be that somewhere, somebody felt like their world was turning upside down when they tied the knot.

However, we doubt that they felt the need to turn their car upside down to match that feeling. This photo was clearly staged, but we can’t really figure out why.

It’s Best To Check The Bride Out Before The Big Day

Maybe this is a tradition in some villages in Ukraine? While we are well-traveled, it’s fair to say that we haven’t been everywhere, yet.

However, if this is the moment when the groom gets to set eyes on his bride for the first time, all we can say is that he fell for the most extreme bait and switch in history.

The Bridesmaids Who Went Too Far

Sure, you’re supposed to celebrate with your friends when they get married; it is meant to be the happiest occasion of their soon-to-be-miserable lives.

But you are supposed to apply just a touch of restraint to the process. These ladies clearly didn’t know when they’d reached their drink limit and then they went several past that limit.

My Wife Is Such A Doll (No Really, She Is A Doll)

This is just dreadful. First, take a good look at his tuxedo – it’s soaking wet. Did he trip over his tiny bride and fall in the pond?

Then there’s the whole “turn my wife into a doll” idea. We can only assume that he is a mad scientist and this is how he wants to let the world know.

Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud


Release The Chickens!

There are cultures, believe it or not, in which it is traditional to hurl a chicken from a bridge during a wedding in order to eliminate bad spirits.

This, however, was not such a culture and yes, this couple is hurling raw chicken carcasses into the air to celebrate their wedding. Don’t ask us why. We’re not even certain that they could explain it.

The Shotgun Wedding

Okay, it’s not a shotgun, it’s a rifle. But the principle still holds. What’s more nerve-wracking is that the weapon is really being pointed at the bride and groom and that they look pretty darned scared.

She doesn’t even appear to be pregnant, so this seems completely overboard. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Say It With…

We’ve seen many strange things at weddings on our way to building this list, but we’ve never seen a couple celebrate with poo before.

What we don’t understand is that the guests don’t seem to be at all perturbed by it. Maybe this is traditional somewhere that we’ve never heard of, or maybe people are just plain weird at times?

When Nerds Wed

We wonder how many experience points he will accrue if he makes it to their Golden Wedding anniversary without cashing in the “Obtain a Divorce” achievement?

While this is a little awkward in mainstream society, we think it’s kind of sweet. It also gives us, as fervent gamers, some hope of finding wives of our own one day. Possibly, maybe.

Stop, Honey! The Dolphins Are Looking!

Having dolphins judge you as you go for the first kiss of your marriage is one thing. Having your new wife lean back as far as possible to get away from you during that first kiss is another.

We think that if these dolphins were judging this that they’d be predicting an early finish to this particular act of wedlock.

The Couple Who Chewed Their Wedding Rings

Firstly, props to the photographer for daring to try something a little different. It can be hard to get unique shots at weddings because there have been so many weddings and photographers working on them.

However, it would have been a good idea to destroy this image as soon as he realized how badly it had actually turned out. Creative dead ends are supposed to remain hidden.

There’s A Time And A Place For This

That time is not “during your wedding.” We’re open-minded enough to realize that couples engage in strange behavior such as “pony play” in the privacy of their own homes all the time.

What we’re not so copacetic with is the idea that you would want to ride your bride-to-be like a pony in her wedding photos.

Dad, Please Get Dressed

It is always important for a bride to be close to her father on her wedding day, and it’s a good idea for photographers to try and capture some of that relationship.

It is, however, also a good idea for the father to put his clothes on for those photographs. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, a shirt is an essential part of that.

She Is Always On His Mind

Elvis might have loved this visual representation of one of his finest songs. The rest of us aren’t quite as impressed.

Instead of a sweet tribute to the eternal love of a couple, we have a man who seems to have the side of his head haunted by a 1980s mail-order-bride. That’s probably not the look they were going for.

The Wedding That May Have Gone Too Well

It can be emotionally draining for a groom to get through a wedding without embarrassing himself, so it’s good to celebrate when you’re done. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hug pictured here at all.

We just have one question. Where on earth did this groom’s clothes go? Stripping at your own wedding is normally considered bad taste.

The Joyful Photobomb On The Beach

We’d just like to say that once we’d stopped laughing at this image, we realized something. It’s not very nice to photobomb people’s wedding photos.

If you are on a beach and you see a couple having photographs taken, don’t do this. Do something even more original and then you might find your photo all over the internet like this guy did.

The Priest Was Unimpressed

There’s probably no actual instruction in Priest school that says, “You mustn’t display horror at the bride and groom.” That’s because it is supposed to be obvious.

However, this guy didn’t get that memo and he just let his horror hang out in public and in the photographs! Maybe the bride passed gas at this exact moment? We’ll never know.

The Amazing Ring

Getting your buddies together for a shot at your wedding is definitely a nice idea. That’s something everyone can get behind.

However, if you want them all to express amazement for the ring on film, you need a ring that’s at least a little bit amazing. In this case, the ring is so uninspiring it turns this into a comedy rather than a romance.

The Ghastly Gatecrasher

This bride doesn’t look terribly happy in this photo. That could be because she’s worried that she has dropped the ring or that her bridesmaids are already drunk, but it might be because she’s seen that guy walking around in the background.

Who allowed him to come to her beautiful wedding? Whoever it was will be in trouble.

The Llama Of Love

This is just odd. Not only does the llama photobomb like a pro, but the photographer manages to focus on the llama and not the happy couple. Maybe they just really like llamas and wanted a picture of one to take on their honeymoon with them?

It’s also possible, we suppose, that the llama is just biding his time until he can steal the girl back in the last act of this movie.

You May All Kiss The Brides, Except You

Three happy married couples celebrating their love together in a photo like this is a wonderful idea.

The photographer was absolutely right to bring them all in as they shared a romantic, multi-generational family moment like this. They were also completely wrong to stand the lonely guy without a partner at the end. That’s just cruel (but funny).

We Were Once Happy Like You, Now Look At Us!

We’re not sure why this photograph was staged like this. It’s clearly a deliberate shot with either the bride or groom’s parents, but it looks like the ghosts-of-weddings-past have come to haunt them.

In the foreground, we have a beautiful, happy couple and in the background, there’s a couple that’s been together a while and appears completely bored. It’s a bad omen.

The Pocket Wife

While this is slightly awkward, we think that the couple in question can be forgiven for trying to think outside of the box and create something absolutely special for their wedding photos.

We also think that, if this had been our wedding photo, we’d have kept it within the family rather than sharing it with the world. It is a touch creepy.

When Your Identity Is Pants

It is, of course, important for the groom to stand out on his wedding day. Tradition dictates that this is achieved by wearing a slightly different shade of tuxedo or, perhaps, top hat and tails.

One thing that is completely certain is that you’re not supposed to emblazon your status on your underwear unless you are this chap. Epic fail.

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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