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Chris Evans Shocks Classmates At High School Reunion

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It’s 20 years later, and we’re rich and famous. We’re walking through the dusty halls of yesteryear- the scenes of bullying, teachers telling us we’d never amount to anything, our first crushes rejecting us- when our former classmates lay eyes on the New Us.

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For most of us, we’d like to think that we grew into a similar version of this, and for former students of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, they’d probably like to believe that their lives are going pretty well, but when Captain America himself walks in it’s probably hard to not get a little insecure!

Of course, being rich and famous isn’t what life is about, but it must be pretty intimidating to know you’re sharing a reunion with a Hollywood megastar! The event took place Conrad’s Restaurant in Sudbury, Massachusetts, but venue manager Donna Scott didn’t expect him to come until he reserved a spot at the last minute.

“Many people wanted to take pictures with him. Everyone was pretty excited that he was there,” she told Boston.com

When news of the cool reunion spread online, many people were keen to Tweet about the reunion.

One user wrote, “Chris Evans is at his high school reunion rn imagine walking up in that place like yes hello i’m the movie star of the biggest franchise in the world how y’all doing what y’all been doin with ur lives.”

A second user praised Evan’s humble personality when many other stars would probably have shunned such an event. “Could u imagine realising that you went to high school with a now famous celebrity and you go to the reunion knowing damn well they’re not gonna show up and then they do?? Chris Evans deserves the world.”

Wearing his nametag and blending in just like anyone else, Evans seemed to enjoy himself which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Chris Evans having to wear a name tag to his high school reunion will never not be funny,” another one wrote.

Could we expect anything less from America’s coolest superhero?

Rock on, Chris!

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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