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Fan Pays 50 Cent Back For Stolen CD From Fifth Grade

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For any kid growing up in the noughties, 50 Cent was one of the biggest music acts in the industry, so much so that one kid resorted to stealing one of his chart-topping albums instead of paying the then-hefty $20 price tag.

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However, the petty criminal has changed his ways, handing Jackson  $20 to make up for those precious lost royalties.

The story was first shared on the rapper-turned-actor’s Instagram account which took place during meet-and-greet. The culprit then atoned for his sins by handing 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, back the $20 he felt he owed the star.

Taken by surprise, Jackson said in the video, “He gave me $20 and he said, ‘here take it…’ and said, ‘I stole your CD in fifth grade. The only person who knew about it was my cousin, but this bitch on some bullshit so I know she going to go left on me. I don’t need you putting me all over your Instagram.'”

Captioning the bizarre encounter he wrote: “Yo I love Chicago every time I come out here the wildest shit be happening.”

In fairness, the star probably needs the cash after many media outlets reported that the entertainer is close to bankruptcy.

Despite bragging about his riches in his music, 50 Cent is actually worth less than his stage name. While the commercial success of his earlier albums, and reaping a $100m profit from an early investment in Vitamin Water following their acquisition by Coca-Cola propelled him to untold riches, Fiddy filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

Now supporting himself in acting roles and other business endeavors, it appears Fiddy has the aptest stage name in all of Hollywood.

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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