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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Breaks The Internet With Crazy Tattoo

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Takashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend has broken the Internet with a tattoo of her boyfriend’s face inked across her chest.


The loyal girlfriend is sticking by her famous boyfriend despite the star facing years in prison on a series of charges including racketeering, drug trafficking, and firearms offenses.

Despite her loyalty, the post hasn’t gone done well with her followers.

One user wrote, “Imagine being THIS BAD at making life decisions. I’m personally going to take the opportunity to feel a little better about myself now.”

A second questioned the longevity of the relationship: “She’s really going to regret this.”

The most savage we could find read, “This tattoo is a hot mess, I don’t I would ever go this far for any dude and especially one who could be spending a lifetime in prison. She real loyal.”

On Twitter, there was even more criticism with one user writing, “Way to ruin a perfectly good body for a convicted felon. Smh.”

Jade visited 6ix9ine, real name David Hernandez, in prison earlier this year and posted a picture of him clutching her plump derriere with the caption, “He’s good luv, enjoy. #FreeDanny.”


Commenting on the picture, one person asked: “What kinda jail let them pose like that?”

To avoid a possible 47-year jail sentence, Hernandez struck a plea deal with prosecutors.

He is also believed to have been granted witness protection in exchange for information leading to the prosecution of other gang members.

Content Retrived From: http://omglane.com


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