30 Of The Most Expensive Dishes In The World

When you think of expensive food, what typically comes to mind is organic produce and high-end restaurant meals. But in extreme cases, you have culinary experimentations that somehow gain enough traction to become bank-breaking dishes that are renowned as much for their gastronomic ingredients and hefty price tag as the taste itself. YouTube/ Guinness World [...]

30 Facts You Never Knew About The Hit TV Series M*A*S*H

Along with the likes of Little House on the Prairie and Three's Company, M*A*S*H  remains one of America's most beloved sitcoms. Lasting 11 seasons, the hit CBS show drew its inspiration from real-life events in the Korean War, making for a perfect blend of both humor, satire, and drama. YouTube/Alec McGrath Even today, 37 years after the final [...]

40 Interesting Facts About The Star Wars Movies

Star Wars is a global phenomenon, the likes of which simply haven't been seen before. But little did George Lucas know in May 1977, upon the release of his first Star Wars feature, that he had just given birth to one of the biggest film franchises of all time. Shutterstock/ AKKHARAT JARUSILAWONG Like many crazes that came after [...]

30 Game Of Thrones Facts That Will Whet Your Appetite For Season 8

The anticipation for the final season of the HBO fantasy behemoth Game of Thrones has been like no other show in recent memory. The palpable excitement in the leadup to the series finale has been unparalleled and once more proved that while Netflix may be storming ahead, the gold standard of box office TV still lies with the [...]

30 Interesting Facts About Emancipation Day

The Emancipation Proclamation remains one of Washington's most significant pieces of legislation. It culminated in President Abraham Lincoln's government freeing over 3m slaves in the American South on January 1st, 1863. Those freed came from 10 of the most pro-slavery states during the American Civil War. While The Emancipation Proclamation didn't outlaw slavery completely, but it sent a warning [...]

30 Everyday Objects That Have Amazing Hidden Features

Tools were developed to make life easier for us so that we could fix all those nooks and crannies, but did you know that some of the most popular tools and everyday objects have many hidden features?  These intricate nuances are prime examples of creative ingenuity but often don't get the credit they deserve as we see them [...]

30 Cool Facts About The Marvel Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is quite simply a juggernaut in the world of entertainment media. As far as superhero films go, Marvel pretty much created the genre, with superheroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor mainstay inspirations to countless fans across the world. Marvel Entertainment Over the years, these very creations have been adapted into blockbuster [...]

15 Common Assumptions That Actually Aren’t True

We are often led to believe things that aren't true, and in an age where Facebook gets accused of influencing an election due to their inability to filter out fake news reports, never has this been more apparent. Shutterstock/ Gustavo Frazao However, while false stories from unreputable organizations are commonplace, there are many assumptions people [...]

Woodstock As You’ve Never Seen It Before

It was sold as '3 days of Peace & Music,' but Max Yasgur's festival became so much more. It became iconic, and a slap in the face to an America that preached freedom, but offered little in return. Unjust wars in Vietnam persisted, and the persecution of blacks raged on. It was a divisive period [...]

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