35 Treasure Hauls That Made Their Finders Incredibly Wealthy

What would you do if you came across a rare set of baseball cards? Or better yet, an ancient treasure? It's a question you've probably asked yourself many times, but for a lucky few, their discoveries have netted them huge windfalls! From sunken ships to ancient coins and dazzling jewelry, these finds hold an extraordinary cultural [...]

30 Incredible People Who Didn’t Let Their Disabilities Define Them

By definition, disability is a limitation and a hindrance to one's life- but not to these incredible people. While disability by nature can be very upsetting and challenging, many disabled people are motivated to drive themselves forward and overcome significant barriers. Wikipedia From the deaf, blind and mute to quadriplegic surfers, here are 30 awe-inspiring people who didn't [...]

30 Hush-Hush Places Where Visitors Are Strictly Prohibited

Seeing the world has never been cheaper, and in many cases, it appears the world really is your oyster. But then again, there are some hush-hush places that are strictly prohibited. From top-secret factories to deserted islands, only a select few people on Earth will ever have access to these fascinating -and in some cases terrifying- locations. [...]

Fascinating Photos Captured By Drones That Prove Earth Is A Crazy Place

Drones have been all the rage in recent years and have given us the ability to own pieces of technology that were once the preserve of bigshots in the military. But today you can't even go down to your local park or walk through a major city without seeing at least one of those weird-looking objects hovering [...]

Will Smith Hopeful Of Playing Barack Obama In Long-Awaited Biopic

Will Smith has revealed that he is still hopeful of portraying former president Barack Obama in a future biopic. Shutterstock/ Andrea Raffin Appearing on the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show, Smith said, "We talked about it..." Now 50, the A-list actor has said in the past that Obama himself has requested Smith play him should a [...]

Charlize Theron Lets Slip On Mindhunter Season 2 Release Date

If you haven't seen David Fincher's terrific new Netflix crime drama Mindhunter, we strongly suggest you check it out as it's one of the most compelling shows of the year and I'd be lying if I told you I hadn't already binged the first ten episodes in little under two days. Shutterstock/ taniavolobueva Without giving away any [...]

George R.R. Martin Isn’t Best Pleased By The Final Season Of G.O.T.

As the final season of HBO's nail-biting fantasy series Game of Thrones draws to a dramatic conclusion, many fans have been left unimpressed. Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins While some continue to be buoyed by the groundbreaking series, others have criticized the production and storylines, while the coffee cup anachronism spotted in last week's episodes didn't help matters. But [...]

30 Cold Climate Discoveries That Wowed Scientists

Scientific discoveries come from a variety of places. From the lowest depths of the ocean to sequestered fields and the most remote of jungles, some of these finds are so bizarre you'll wonder if we're playing a big fat trick on you. Pakfiles Rest assured, we'd do nothing of the sort. So sit back and click through [...]

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Receives Standing Ovation

Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood received a six-minute standing ovation according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shutterstock/ Featureflash Photo Agency The esteemed auteur's ninth movie debuted at the Cannes film festival last evening, 25 years on from the screening of his debut movie, Pulp Fiction. In a festival that was desperate for star [...]

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